The Baltimore Web Design Industry

Websites dominate every nook and corner of the vast repository of information called the internet. From the smallest startups to the most established empires in the business arena, everyone relies on a website for publicity, effective communication, business deals, transactions and many more critical activities. Websites are the easiest medium of communication which cater to large audiences in a short span of time. A picture speaks a thousand words and this means that the effort put into the website should be considerable for an impact to be made. Creativity, effort and a well thought out website design can make all the difference whereas a shabbily prepared website will draw no attention. Thus the discipline that handles the design, maintenance and many other activities related to websites is cited as web design. The various areas under it include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, SEO, user experience design, etc. Integrated with web engineering, web design is a term used to describe the client side design work involved while creating a website.


So how do web designers go about this task? They have their own set of tools, which are updated from time to time with the help of the latest software. However the basic principles of web design have remained intact over the years. Designers use vector and raster graphics editors to create design prototypes which will later on be refined into the final version. Hand coded technologies like HTML and CSS are common in the world of website creation. Also, mark up validators and testing tools are used to check on usability and accessibility. After all, web accessibility guidelines also must be followed when a website is being designed.

The skills and techniques involved in web design are as follows:

  • Marketing and communication design
  • User experience and interactive design
  • Page layout
  • Typography
  • Motion graphics.
  • Quality of code

A website is developed after the amalgamation of the efforts of the web designer and the web developer. The designers handle the visual aspect which includes the layout, font, etc.  and they also possess a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Baltimore, the largest city of Maryland, is also known for its contribution to web design. Various websites based in Baltimore, offer designing services. One can receive a free consultation and an introduction to the latest methods adopted and make an informed decision. Also, these websites provide testimonials from former customers which helps build confidence in the new customers.


The Baltimore web design industry is galloping towards the finish line in the race to achieve supremacy in the world of web designing. These websites are a definite proof to this statement. Accumulating a strong customer base in the world of website development is like winning the lottery, merely due to the dominance of websites in today’s digital world.

Web design is no cakewalk. It requires a rare combination of aesthetic know-how, creativity and a background in languages like HTML, CSS, etc. Thus, web designers are the most valued asset to anybody who is looking to launch a website. After all, just like the magic in the hands of a potter moulds the mud into a pot, only the creative genius of a web designer can produce an impressive website!

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