The Advent Of Coupons And Discount Codes

We get really excited when we get coupons or discount codes from a place like garment shop , restaurants , etc . and in our brain we are like we need to use this coupon and not let it go to waste . Well , that is exactly what the company wants . Their basic motive is to get a customer to visit them back again . This is just a healthy marketing policy to advertise the brand and earn some loyal customers .

How do companies like Group on work ? Group on advertises adds for a company , where you can buy deals with some discount using your credit . Mind it , it’s only credit card based . Group on earns 50{8c630844b85927f17d2bf68ec6e5cb6feb244b0e1ec8f11b283f04f6fb61f33e} from the deals that they advertise on their app or website . Group on has become a  way through which emerging  ventures advertise their products and earn costumers . Small companies who are trying to broaden their horizons post an add on Groupon with jaw dropping deals of the day which customers because the customer is literally too excited to sit for a three course Italian dinner worth 800 rupees for just 400 rupees . Pretty smart right?


Nowadays we are all about coupons but have you ever wondered as to when and how was the idea of a coupon first used ? In 1886 , the famous soft drinks company , Coca-Cola came into being in Atlanta , USA . One of its partners was Asa Candler . He was a genius marketer and he used the company’s employees and sales representatives to distribute complimentary coupons for the company .Discounts were sent to potential customers and were put inside magazines and newspapers to reach the potential customers . The company gave soda fountain  to cover the cost of free drinks . Between 1894 and 1913 one in nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola and a total of 8,500,000 free drinks. By 1895 Candler announced Coca-Cola had already served in every state in the United States. Just within 9 years!

Shop A Docket promoted offers and discounts on the back of shopping receipts in 1986 in Australia .


Prior to this ,coupon usages started to grow dramatically during the depression in America .In 1940 big chain grocery stores started using coupons to attract customers and advertise their products and by 1965 half of the families in America had already started cutting coupons from newspapers and magazines . After that , due to the discovery of internet coupons become available online and are printable in digital format . This led to a huge spurt in the growth of coupon and discount codes and it became an important marketing strategy for companies around the globe .

I would like to end by mentioning a simple fact that in the year 2002 American citizens had saved $3.8 billion just by the use of coupons and that was 14 years ago . Imagine now !

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