4 E3 Games That Players Will Remember Forever

The E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2019 was quite a show this year as you see with other previous seasons as well. Yes, there have been reports on an ongoing crisis in the current electronic gaming industry. However, the humungous traffic of 66,000 attendees at the event did not show an ounce of suspicion about the glorious days of video gaming in near future. Interestingly, a great list of games have come up from the E3 event this year that every avid gamer should give a try.

Beyond Blue

Published by E-line Media, this game lets players delve into authentic Alaskan culture and its underwater tales. Interestingly, the game has been developed in collaboration with BBC as well as its esteemed researchers who were behind the famous “Blue Planet II”.


A project by Move38, the game is inspired by abstract art, tabletop games as well as digital games spanning through decades. Its starter kit carries 6 blinks that are small hexagonal blocks which one has to tap or press to view array of shades. As a player touches the blocks its cubic items tend to interact while tap commands will help bring these games to life.


Cat Nigiri’s is a smart indie game which revolves round the story of woman named “Kim”. She has been trained by her grandmom to save the hometown from corporate claws. Players will tread through chessboard-like rooms where they have to fight zombie and robot-like minions to save Kim’s town.


If you have been awed of the movie “Inception”, this is the must-play game for you. Inspired by the famous movie, Manifold is set in a somewhat trippy world. It will give you the same rush as you feel while playing strategic games like domino99. Players here would have to upend gravitational rules to browse through a minimalist place where they will unearth cues from byzantine artworks. The game is developed by William Chyr Studio.

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Best Soccer Games Every Football Fan Will Love

If you love soccer, playing them on your device can be a lot of fun. There are some beautifully designed soccer video games and online games that are absolute delight to play. While you get to use agen bola terpercaya in certain soccer gamblings online, there are other games in which you are the one solely responsible. Below is a list of some of the best soccer games every football lover will enjoy you can click resources for more information on them.

  1. FIFA 18

This soccer video game is compatible on Xbox One and PS4. This game is a developed version of its earlier avatars and puts more stress on lightning fast counter attacks and quick breaks. The player gets to use the best teams and use several strategies to win a match.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 5

This is by far the best version of Pro Soccer and can be played on PS2. Aptly detailed with proper footballer names and four-division setup, this game also features promotions and relegations. The game has a user-friendly interface and is perfectly lucid to play.

  1. Rocket League

This vehicular football game is one of its kind. Compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, this soccer video game involves spectacular stunts. This is a super interesting game with intense matches that you simply cannot lose.

  1. Football Manager

Here you get to don the hat of a virtual football manager with heavily detailed game analyses and statistics. It can be a little too much for beginners, but is extremely fun to play once you are comfortable with the data from the sports scientists.

  1. New Star Soccer

In this game, one gets to create a player and control him in his journey through the ranks of national teams and leagues. It can be played on mobile devices running iOS and Android where you can control a young footballer’s life!

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How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Everywhere we are, even if we are an OC type of person, dust is always present. And if we clean every single day for how many hours, though we can’t see them with our naked eyes. No matter how big or small our house is, cleaning it to be dust-free may take our time. One way of making our lives easier during cleaning is to have a cleaning machine. Of course, vacuum cleaners are the first items that pop to our mind. However, there are so many choices out there in the market for us to choose the right one. And there are also a lot of options in buying a suitable cleaner we and our home need. It is also beneficial to have a vacuum cleaner present in our homes. And it is much better to compare to our traditional cleaning routines – dusting and sweeping. So, in choosing the right cleaner that fits our needs and preferences, there are options that you need to consider.

The Right Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

In choosing the right cleaner, you must identify and understand its description and features. Though almost every product is similar to one another, there is also one unique feature that stands out among the others. The standard description you can find in every type of cleaners are:

  • Power
  • Size
  • Pushing and Pulling Weight

Also, you must identify what type of a vacuum cleaner like if it is:

  • An upright type of a vacuum cleaner
  • The canister type
  • Handheld type
  • The Robot vacuum cleaner, or
  • The Central vacuum cleaner type

Determining The Right Cost

Buying a cheap vacuum cleaner can’t guarantee the quality you need. Since having the cheaper ones will only prove its endurance for a limited time, especially when frequently used. Choose the right quality of a vacuum cleaner, where its performance can give you ease. And when you say cost, it’s not literally the amount of the product you need. It is the overall capacity of where it will take you. If you are up for some low priced products, expect that it is not the same as the higher priced ones. That’s why there are products that are more costly than the others, because of the materials and the sturdiness it will give to the user.

Have a comparison summary of both products, the cheaper ones will only last up to 2-4 years. Of course, you are frequently using it daily, so it is expected that it will be overly used. And if the time comes from its expiration date, you will have to buy another, the same as your previous vacuum. See, in a matter of let’s say six years, you have already spent two vacuum cleaners. Wherein if you opt for the higher priced or the high end one, its capacity will reach up to even 10 years. See the difference it made?


In choosing the right vacuum cleaner, you must know the needs that you want. And this product – Dyson ciclone v10 vacuum can be the one you might like to have in your household.