4 Tips For Carrying Bridal Jewelry For Honeymoon

Have a honeymoon planned next week and still not done with packing? Worried that carrying all your bridal jewelry may or may not be a good idea? Well, this is one of the obvious questions that are asked. When it comes to the jewelry, people do tend to over think about the securities for obvious reasons.

First thing you should do is that you get your jewelries insured while buying them from source of the jewelry. Make sure your insurance includes hotel safes as well. This way you can be less stressed with carrying your jewelry. It’s best to carry minimal number of jewelries. But then again, if it is an absolute necessity, here are some tips for carrying them.

  • Tip 1: Wear your regular jewelries at the airport. Rest of the jewelries you can carry it in your luggage bag. Metal detectors do not detect gold and platinum. But in case there are other metals, keeping your valuables in a tray in the open can be quite risky.
  • Tip 2: If you have plans to swim, you should always make sure you keep your jewelries in the hotel safe. If you lose your jewelry at the beach there is almost zero chance of finding them. It’s the same for the pools as well.
  • Tip 3: If there is any hiking or outdoor physical activity involved, it is suggested that you leave your jewelries in the hotel safe. These are strenuous and action-packed experiences. Even if you don’t lose them, you might end up with scratches on your priceless jewelries.

  • Tip 4: If you are out for shopping or just sightseeing, you could wear your jewelry. It would be better if you wear as minimal as possible. Say, just your wedding ring and a pair of regular earrings.